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Both the Union and Confederate forces used 7'-6" x 4'-6"  flags on their vessels.  However, it has been documented in photos of the era, that they also flew quite large (14'x 9') ones as well.  So some research on the modeler's part will be necessary to determine which size flag a particular vessel flew and when.

The Confederacy went through several flag designs during the war.  The years each flag was flown is written on the decal sheet to assist the modeler deciding which flag to fly depending on the year they are depicting their vessel in.  Research by the modeler will be necessary to determine which Confederate design flag to use.

The large (Decal 02) and small (decal 01) flag sheets are identical differing only in size (both sizes are shown in the image).  They are printed on white decal film so they must be trimmed closely. 

All flags have all been extensively researched for accuracy.

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